About Me

I’m Charles Merriman and welcome to my blog! I am a travel enthusiast that presently resides in Australia! I have made it my mission to share the wonders of Perth with the world. Anyone can tell you why you should visit a certain place but it takes a local to really tell you the best spots.

Other than being a travel enthusiast, I have tried my hand at photography and was fairly successful at it. It was through the lens that I was able to fall in love with the strange wonders that only Perth had to offer. The music, the local fare, the sights, and the wildlife all provide something exciting for anyone that wants to experience it.

As such, you can come to expect recommendations based on a photographer’s eye and a fan of all things local. I believe that if more people got to know Perth the way that locals do, it would have even more tourists.

I want the world to see Perth with fresh eyes and from the perspective of someone who takes pride in traversing the unbeaten path. If you have any questions about Perth that you would like to ask, feel free to do so. I am quite open to topic requests and questions.