Reasons to consider serviced apartments over hotels in Brisbane

A family vacation is a holiday everyone looks forward to. Vacations are times for families to enjoy, bond, relax, and unwind. Spending a vacation with either a family or alone in Brisbane means to pick the perfect accommodation.

It goes without saying that the choice of accommodation can make or break the holiday spirits of everyone. Choosing the wrong type of accommodation means uncomfortable and stressful vacation time.

This makes it imperative to consider serviced apartments, Brisbane, for your Brisbane holiday plans.

Every type of traveller to Brisbane can consider serviced apartments a great option. The reasons include:

Large space

The sight of a cramped room after a long road trip or flight is probably the worse experience of every traveller. The generous space provided by serviced apartments can quickly lift the spirits of every tired traveller. The more than 30% space provided by serviced apartments makes them the ideal accommodation for travelling families.

Included in serviced apartments are a bedroom area, a kitchen, and a living room. You have the option to choose a studio type or one having 1 or 2 bedrooms. Cooking meals for the family provide the best solution for saving on food expenses while on a vacation.

Provides activity and play areas

Travelling with kids can often be a stressful situation for parents. However, the right accommodation can make a holiday stay ideal for everyone. The generous space of serviced apartments eliminates the cramped feeling of sharing the same space with your kids.

Additionally, the amenities to include updated technology such as pay-TV, DVD players, and huge TVs ensure entertainment for every member of the family. Large BBQ and pool areas including play areas provide families the opportunity to bond and enjoy the holiday.

Sauna and spa options for mom and dad are some of the activities available with some serviced apartments. The proximity of some serviced apartments to town centres and the ocean conveniently make the holiday a perfect beach vacation for all.

Affordable accommodation option

Cutting on the cost of accommodation is not the best way to enjoy a vacation getaway with the family. The affordable rates provided by serviced apartments make them the best luxury accommodation for every vacation.

Storing food in the apartment fridge and cooking meals for the entire family also saves on food expenses. These extra savings can be used to fund other types of family activity to truly make it memorable for everyone.

The option of avoiding cramped hotel rooms while paying less is one of the outstanding features provided by serviced apartments.

Convenient location

Staying close to the heart of the city is one of the perks travellers love during vacations. The proximity of serviced apartments to the city hubs makes them the best accommodation option when the vacation is all about sightseeing and shopping.

Housekeeping services

Picking up after the family can become a tiring and stressful vacation. Fresh towels and made beds are the services that make travellers opt to stay in hotels. Serviced apartments offer the same convenient housekeeping services like hotels. The standard housekeeping services included in your serviced apartment rent is a daily towel and linen changes and cleaning.

Serviced apartments Brisbane offer the best accommodation option whether the stay is for business or holiday purposes.