Why Go To The Richland Pub?

If you are in Richland, one of the places you must not skip visiting is the Richland Pub. Sure, there are so many places around the city, but going here is almost mandatory both to the city’s visitors and residents too. You might be wondering why you would go to such a place if you do not want to drink anyway. This article will make get in your car and drive yourself on the way to Richland Pub.

Below are just a few of the reasons why going to the Richland Pub is mandatory:

They offer 50cens off on 25oz local draft

Sure, who in the world does not want off on their favourite draft? This offer is available from Monday to Friday during their happy hour. Getting discounts with your beer is surely something that anyone is looking forward to having so their drinking sessions will get maximised.

Kids can eat free

Giving your kids a free meal is another reason why you must go to Richland Pub. Free meals for the kids from Monday to Wednesday starting from 5 PM To 8 PM. How does that sound? Choosing from a decent list of kid’s food options has never been this exciting, for sure.

They share Richland’s history

Serving the community for more than 60 years, you must know that they are here for some serious business. The number of people they have served plus the time they are serving great food and beer, this you know they are a part of Richmond’s history. You would never want to miss the opportunity of dining in a place where people from way back the past visited.

And besides, being in the industry for 60 years, you are guaranteed of the quality of food and service you will receive. They will not last long unless they are giving exemplary service and satisfaction to their guests.

They have great food and beer selection

From appetizers to desserts, for sure, your feast will never be the same again. They have a huge list of food, like pizzas, burgers to offer their guests, hence anyone will have something to munch on when they are there.

This is a perfect place for families who have a different taste like the food they serve varies, the same as with their beer and cocktails options where options are endless.

The Richland Pub’s location is accessible

The location of the pub is strategic too. It is accessible both to pedestrians and those with private cars to bring. You will not find it hard to reach the pub as their vintage neon signage will help you find the way easier.

It is also too popular, so tourists will not have a hard time reaching the place by asking the city’s locales.

Their operation hours is long enough to accommodate your hectic schedule

If you are on holiday or you are always running because of a tight schedule at work, Richland Pub operation hours will not give you a problem squeezing time to be here. They are open from Monday to Sunday with hours as early as 11 AM and as late as 2:00 in the morning.

With all these in consideration and more, there is no reason why would you not allow yourself to visit The Lion Richlands pub and tavern when you are already in the city.