Whale Season at Hervey Bay

From around July till November, tourists go to the whale capital as it is the whale season. The whale season offers breathtaking sights to tourists who cruise the waters. One reason to visit Hervey bay is to see the whales that migrate to this area. These creatures may be as long as 6 meters and may weigh up to 30,000kg.

The whale season is a time to enjoy a close encounter with these magnificent sea creatures and to be surrounded by nature. It is a time to watch the captivating displays of the humpbacks including how they teach their young ones how to survive in Antarctica waters. It is also a time to collect unforgettable memories.

The Right Time To Prepare For Whale Season

It is known that the whale season extends a little over four months; however, it is good to plan and pick the right time to visit Hervey Bay during the whale season. Choosing the right time for this visit usually depends on what a tourist hopes to experience during the tour.

For example, it is best to visit Hervey Bay whale watching from late July to early August to see mostly adult whales. This is the time when they usually visit the area. There may be no young whales during this period as most of them have not been born at this time or there may be a few of them. There may also be fewer tourists during this period.

In September, there may be calves to view in addition to the larger adults. Since this month is the start of school holidays, there may be a mix of both young and old tourists who have come from different parts of the world to watch the whales. In October and early November, the crowds will have reduced since the school holidays are over.

There will also be a lot of young whales to watch as they play right up till when they start migrating back to the Antarctic waters.

Whale Watching Tours During Whale Season in Hervey Bay

Whale watching tours are very common in this season, and it is what most tourists are excited about in the first place. Tour operators arrange flexible whale watching tours at different times of the day or even during the whole day. There are so many affordable deals to suit a tourist’s needs and budget, and it only requires a bit of research to find one that is just right.

The whale watching tours during the whale season are usually affordable, and there are different deals for individuals and families. Prices may also differ depending on the tour boats available and whether or not meals are included. It is best to choose a tour boat that offers both comfort and security.