Whale Season at Hervey Bay

From around July till November, tourists go to the whale capital as it is the whale season. The whale season offers breathtaking sights to tourists who cruise the waters. One reason to visit Hervey bay is to see the whales that migrate to this area. These creatures may be as long as 6 meters and may weigh up to 30,000kg.

The whale season is a time to enjoy a close encounter with these magnificent sea creatures and to be surrounded by nature. It is a time to watch the captivating displays of the humpbacks including how they teach their young ones how to survive in Antarctica waters. It is also a time to collect unforgettable memories.

The Right Time To Prepare For Whale Season

It is known that the whale season extends a little over four months; however, it is good to plan and pick the right time to visit Hervey Bay during the whale season. Choosing the right time for this visit usually depends on what a tourist hopes to experience during the tour.

For example, it is best to visit Hervey Bay whale watching from late July to early August to see mostly adult whales. This is the time when they usually visit the area. There may be no young whales during this period as most of them have not been born at this time or there may be a few of them. There may also be fewer tourists during this period.

In September, there may be calves to view in addition to the larger adults. Since this month is the start of school holidays, there may be a mix of both young and old tourists who have come from different parts of the world to watch the whales. In October and early November, the crowds will have reduced since the school holidays are over.

There will also be a lot of young whales to watch as they play right up till when they start migrating back to the Antarctic waters.

Whale Watching Tours During Whale Season in Hervey Bay

Whale watching tours are very common in this season, and it is what most tourists are excited about in the first place. Tour operators arrange flexible whale watching tours at different times of the day or even during the whole day. There are so many affordable deals to suit a tourist’s needs and budget, and it only requires a bit of research to find one that is just right.

The whale watching tours during the whale season are usually affordable, and there are different deals for individuals and families. Prices may also differ depending on the tour boats available and whether or not meals are included. It is best to choose a tour boat that offers both comfort and security.

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3 Entry Great Jobs For Backpackers In Perth

Finding an entry level job might seem challenging but it can be done in Perth. Backpackers tend to come to Perth looking for funds and that is where you want to know what job to apply for. When you are left with a few choices, it becomes easier to make a decision. This is why it’s time to take a look at the top three entry level jobs according to locals. Each job has something unique to offer and it’s all about making a choice that will lead to good compensation in the long-run.

Harvest Work

Whether it is fruits, vegetables, grains, or something else, you will be able to get involved in harvest work depending on where you are. There is a lot going on in this regard around Perth and they will enjoy a bit of help around the land if offered. You can take a look around at those that need a bit of help and apply. Harvest work can be a good amount of fun while you make money on the side. Pick and choose who you join up with and the deal might be more than fruitful on your end financially.

Traffic Control

This is one of the better entry level jobs for backpackers and is highly recommended by locals. There is a huge demand for such employees and applying will do you a lot of good. The idea behind this job is simple enough as you will be looking to manage traffic around construction sites. With many buildings being made and a lot of road work going on, you will want to be the one that is controlling traffic. It doesn’t take a long time to lean and you will make a good amount of money at the same time. This is the perfect fit for backpackers in Perth. For more information on this type of job, check out this blog post.


There are several sales jobs that are going to be available in Perth. The beauty of working a sales job is the simplicity of what it has to offer. The goal is straightforward, you are going to need to sell products/services and make sure customers are kept happy at the same time. This is going to earn you a good amount of money and in some cases, you will even get a commission out of it! What more can you need as you look to tap into the local economy for a bit of money?

These are the top three entry level jobs in Perth for backpackers. The goal should be to take a look at all of these jobs and pick out the one that is going to suit your skillset. Yes, each person is going to be different and that has to be accounted for. It’s not about choosing the same job as others but finding one that is going to be easy and useful n your case. As soon as you do this, the backpacking that is being done will also get easier! Keep this in mind as you make a choice.

History Bytes: Fun Facts about Western Australia to Share with Friends

One of the best things about our world is that we learn new things everyday. Today, we take a look at some fun facts about western AUS to share with your friends!

WA has a LOT of coastline

Western Australia has over 7767 miles of coastline! If you are craving to get some much needed sun and sand time, you will never want for options.

Gold a-plenty

If you have ever heard of the Kalgoorlie mine, you are not the only one! While people dismiss it as a relic of the past, those that are heavily invested in mining and mineral will automatically tell you that this is a pretty special place. Kalgoorlie is the largest source of gold.

We have Diamonds here

Western Australia is a land truly blessed with precious natural resources. The Argyle mine is something that diamond enthusiasts will be rather familiar with. This is due to the fact that this one mine is the largest sources of diamonds in the whole world!

Perth is a great place to live

It was around last year that Perth was listed as the 7th best city to live in and the 4th best city in terms of the sheer amount of street art. Not only will Perth embrace you with a stable economy and safe environment, it will also surround you with artistic talent and culture. Definitely not a bad place to settle down and raise a family, right!

WA has some pretty spectacular natural wonders

If you ever visit Australia, Nature’s Widow is something that you need to see for yourself. As a photographer, it is one of the more spectacular natural treats you can experience. A wind eroded hole creates a rather picturesque picture frame of the views ahead.

There are so many other things that are pretty great about Western Australia and Perth is one of those things. If you are ever in the middle of talking about WA, remember the details above and share these little facts with your friends. Not only will it show your friends that you have a lot to add to the conversation but you also give Western Australia the boost that she truly deserves.

Proud Sons and Daughters: Famous People that Hail From Perth


One of the things that places often put forward is the number of famous people that hail from their area. Perth is a place that has borne some pretty famous people! Here are a few of them:

Heath Ledger

Heath was definitely one of the lightning rods of his generation. A beloved figure from hit movies like “10 Things I Hate about you”, “Knight’s Tale”, and the Joker from “The Dark Knight”. The world was shocked and still continues to grieve Ledger’s passing. After he was laid to rest, his family and friends paid a visit to his favorite beach in Perth. He was certainly gone too soon!

He is survived by his wife and daughter.

Gemma Ward

This young lady shot to international stardom when Anna Wintour picked her to be one of the “It Girls” of the fashion world. She enjoys massive success in her catwalk career. She gained more acclaim for her role in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides. The world continues to watch this young lady’s continued rise to absolute stardom.

Jessica De Gouw

One of the more recent finds from Perth, De Gouw is best known for her role in the hit TV show Arrow. She is well known for the demanding action that the role entails and her ability to elicit emotion from her viewers with her rather expressive features. She also played Mina Murray in the 2013 series Dracula.

Jim Jefferies

A comedian with a rather successful career, he was born as Geoff James Nugent right in Perth. If you are lucky enough to be in an area where Jeffries has a show, do yourself a favor and go see it!

Every part of the world has their own share of the celebrities and the people listed above helped to add richness to the Perth, Australia. I am certainly thankful that these people brought so much to the already wonderful culture of Perth. Don’t go thinking that these are the only famous people from Perth! Do yourself a favor and do a quick Google search and find out more about the proud sons and daughters of Perth.

Follow Your Feet: Four Good Reasons to Visit Perth Australia

Whenever the topic of travel crops up, it is important to do suitable research about the place you are trying to visit. How feasible is it? What can you do there? What sort of sights are there? Being prepared is always in the best interest of the traveler.

If you ware presently in the lookout for a new place to visit, why don’t you add Perth, Western Australia to your list of choices? Here are four good reasons to visit:

The Wine

Perth’s Margaret River is famous for the many wineries. While the production of wine only adds to about 3% of the total wine for Australia, it does make up nearly 21% of all premium brands. So what they do not have in number, they make up for stellar quality. You should not leave Perth without having a winery tour or even take a wine tasting class held by one of the locals!

The Beach

Cott Beach is famous with the locals. What a lot of people do not know about this beach is the fact that the water is quite warm compared to other parts of Australia. This is because the currents pull in warmer tropical waters. This makes for a temperate swim despite the usually chilly waters that Australia is known for.

The Art

Perth is famous for having a lot of well-preserved Aboriginal art. We take pride in keeping the stories and traditional alive for the newer generations. You can visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia! You can indulge yourself with the culture that is on full display for visitors. You can take a heritage tour to really acquaint yourself with the local scene.


The Food

Perth is a veritable melting pot of cuisines. You will never run out of options from international fares to those that are made especially by the locals. You can try out food tours that are held by locals in order to get a comprehensive taste of everything that Perth has to offer your taste buds.

As you can see, there a LOT of reasons why you should visit Perth!